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GuardDog Drain Filter

The GuardDog drain filter offers a revolutionary approach to sediment control on construction projects. The GuardDog Drain Filter secures over most types of stormwater drains to prevent silt, sediment and hydrocarbon contaminated runoff from entering waterways.

The absorbent media is made from 100% recycled materials and its unique construction delivers exceptional water flow and filtration characteristics. The GuardDog is a low-profile, low maintenance alternative to silt socks that is safe to drive over.

EnviroPad Spill Mat

The EnviroPad is a low maintenance spill mat that absorbs and neutralises hydrocarbons and doesn’t leak in the rain. By capturing only hydrocarbons and allowing rainwater to run off, it helps to reduce contaminated waste disposal costs.

The EnviroPad features smart polymer technology, which absorbs hydrocarbons and converts them into a non-leaching solid. It is durable, safe to drive over, portable and can be used many times until capacity is reached.

Recycled Silt Sock

Stratex silt socks are a sediment control staple, and now they contribute towards a circular economy. Traditionally silt socks are filled with large diameter gravel or rock – our recycled silt socks utilise recycled bricks.

Place silt socks in and around storm water drains and gutters to protect our natural waterways. They can also prevent loose topsoil washing away in heavy rains. The silt sock can be used on unsealed or sealed surfaces, such as concrete and bitumen.

About Stratex

Stratex supplies pollution prevention controls on Australia’s biggest infrastructure projects. We offer a wide range of solutions including the GuardDog Drain Filter, EnviroPad Spill Mat and recycled brick silt socks, all of which are designed to reduce the environmental impacts of sediment and hydrocarbon pollution.

Our passion lies in developing innovative ways to solve common challenges. This is achieved by leveraging our expertise with advancements in technology, manufacturing, and materials. At Stratex we believe that no workplace should ever cause or risk harm to people or the environment, and that when we can achieve both goals, everybody wins.

Towards a Circular Model

At Stratex we’re committed to finding better ways when it comes to how we source, manufacture and import products. First and foremost, our products are designed to be fit for their intended purpose – protecting people, property and the environment. We are moving forward to incorporate circular considerations around our product offering. This shift beyond a traditional business model represents a greater responsibility for our products over their lifespan. Find out more about our circular model and how you can become involved.

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