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Stratex is a leader in environmental and personal protection solutions. Discover how we work to improve outcomes for clients and learn more about our company.

Improving Environmental Outcomes

Stratex specialises in environmental and personal protection solutions. Our mission is to solve problems through innovation, leveraging our expertise with advancements in technology, manufacturing and materials. This approach has shaped our evolution, and we partner with many of Australia’s leading mining, construction, transport and waste management organisations to develop, test and measure outcomes.

We believe that no workplace should ever cause or risk harm to people or the environment. We want everyone to come home safely each day, free to enjoy life in a world without pollution. Our purpose is to protect Australian workers and the environment for future generations.

Why choose us?

Since 2009, Stratex has been built on providing industry solutions designed to protect people and the environment. We’ve come a long way and have remained steadfast in our commitment to support clients in achieving their safety and compliance goals.

Our helpful team have combined industry experience that spans decades and can offer specialist information and advice. Of course, every situation is unique, and we work hard to understand our client’s needs in providing the right solution. This collaborative approach has also helped us to innovate and improve outcomes in an ever-changing landscape.

At Stratex we pride ourselves on our fast and friendly service, high quality products, robust supply chain and stockholding nationwide. If like us, you’re seeking better ways of protecting people and the environment, reach out and discover the Stratex difference today.

What our clients say:

Stratex have always been very helpful with our needs and go out of their way to help us. Whenever we need their help they are always there. Keep on doing what you are doing to help your customers, the environment and the health and safety of everyone.

Linda (Transport), QLD

Stratex products perform perfectly and provide excellent for money. Their product knowledge and experience has helped us overcome our issues and made sure we have chosen the best product for the job, even helping us to look at new solutions for old problems.

Jon (Manufacturing), VIC

The Stratex team have always been one of the easiest companies we have dealt with, there’s not really anything we would want done differently. At times even when there were sales staff changes the service never missed a beat and there was always someone like Curt willing to take up the slack and provide excellent service to us and our customers with competitive pricing and prompt supply.”

Jerrod (Waste Management), QLD

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Our Range

  • Spill Kits

    Spill kits contain everything you need to rapidly control, contain and clean up spills.
  • Absorbents

    Our Absorbent solutions can contain and clean up all types of liquid spills both on land and in the water.
  • Bunding & Storage

    Bunded storage solutions provide a secondary containment solution for hazardous liquids.
  • Site Safety

    From drain protection to emergency eyewash stations, our site safety solutions help to protect people and the environment.

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