Marine Spill Control

Accidental spills on rivers, lakes and oceans require specialist equipment for containment and clean up. Stratex supplies booms and fences that deflect and contain any liquids or debris that floats on water.
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  • PVC Containment Boom

    Containment Booms can also be known as Floating Barriers and Oil & Fuel Booms. These floating devices are designed to control, contain or deflect floating liquid spills and debris on water. These temporary barriers play an important role to contain spills and debris to reduce the impact to nearby aquatic systems, the shoreline and facilitate and effective evacuation of the pollution.

    The float chamber sitting above the waterline is called the free board. The small skirt bellow the water surface is the draft and is weighted down with a chain ballast. Containment Booms are available in Type 1, 2, and 3 depending on the application. Each design with its own variances to produce optimum results. The floatation and ballast are also dependant on the intended use of the Containment Boom.

    Stratex containment booms are custom made to order. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for an obligation free quote.

  • PVC Fence Boom – 615mm x 20m

    PVC Fence Booms are a fence like barrier designed to deflect or contain oil and floating debris. The fence boom is constructed using square and flat sections allowing it to be stored in bags, cages or reels. This boom is better suited to calm or sheltered waters

    Convenience in storage, deployment and retrieval due to their shape

    Unique design ensures it stays upright in the water 

    Light weight, compact and ideal to deploy in emergency situations

    Toggle pins optional for rapid connection and deployment

    Available in 20m lengths 

    Dimensions: 20m L x 615mm H 

    Freeboard: 185mm

    Draft : 430mm

  • PVC Fence Boom | SKIM-S1

    Stratex Surface skimmers are designed to remove oil, fats and floating material from tanks, sumps, interceptors and other effluent pits. They may also be used in open waters such as lakes, harbours and lagoons. They are a true self-adjusting, weir-type, oily water skimmer.

    :: Self-Adjusting Skim – Surface skim-height is fully self-adjusting to take the finest cut of surface liquid despite changes in flow rate or fluid viscosity. Doesn’t require constant manual adjustments.
    :: Operates if tilted – The oil water skimmer continues to work effectively even if the skimmer tilts by a few degrees relative to the water level. Tilting often occurs in confined pits or when the suction hose is twisted. Many other skimmers will not function if the :: skimmer tilts by even a few degrees.
    :: Skims in all directions – Fluid is skimmed in all directions
    :: No moving mechanical parts – This makes our skimmers suitable for unmanned operation or difficult access locations. It also reduces painstaking labour, intensive maintenance, and reduces the costs associated with manning and maintenance.
    :: Other features – The skimmers can be supplied with hose kits and hose floats. This skimmer is specifically designed for use in tanks and pits.

Marine Spill Control

Surface skimmers are an innovative means of removing oils and floating material from tanks pits and open water. These can be used temporarily or permanently to aid environmental compliance.

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