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Spill Control Training Program

If an emergency liquid spill were to happen at work, would your staff know what to do? Having a spill kit on site is great for peace of mind, but only if there is knowledge on how to use it. Regular training plays a crucial role in being prepared for the event of a spill.

Do I need Spill Kit Training?

The Stratex Spill Control Training Program helps businesses protect their employees, the environment and duty of care obligations. Our comprehensive, safety-first spill kit training course has been developed for a safe and effective first response. It covers relevant environmental legislation and occupational health and safety considerations, so that companies can provide adequate duty of care toward their employees and the environment. Our 10-step best practice approach empowers personnel to identify and safely respond to oil and chemical spills in the workshop, plant, industrial sites or external work areas.

Key Learning Outcomes

The course includes a practical demonstration of an emergency spill kit, detailing its components and the order in which to use them. Attendees will learn how to:

  1. Avoid personal injury and assess for hazards.
  2. Make the spill area safe and secure.
  3. Ensure the wellbeing of others.
  4. Identify the liquid spill hazard.
  5. Select the right spill kit.
  6. Wear the appropriate PPE.
  7. Prevent further contamination.
  8. Contain and reduce the spill area.
  9. Clean up the spill using absorbents.
  10. Disposal, reporting and refilling.

Customisable to Suit your Workplace

Our spill kit training course is ideal for workforces that use, store, or dispose of hazardous liquids in their day-to-day activities. Training courses can be tailored to suit specific business requirements and cater for classes of various sizes, with a new video format also available. Attendees will have their knowledge tested and receive a certificate of attendance upon completion.

To enquire about our Spill Control Training Program for your organisation, contact Stratex on 1300 991 180 or email [email protected].

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