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Stratex is a dedicated leader in Australian Hazardous Spill Control and Safety Equipment, keeping industry prepared and protected with the highest quality spill kit products, same day dispatch, expert advice and invaluable service.

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  • Customised Spill Trailers, Hunter Valley Coal Mine Large working areas such as ports, mining and construction sites and airports may have the risk of a large
  • COVID-19 Stock & Availability   Are you prepared with COVID-19 response products for your workplace when restrictions are eased? Below is an update on Stratex stock
  • Hydration Station Checklist If workers aren’t properly hydrated it can pose serious risks to their safety on site.  Dehydration symptoms can range from fatigue, nausea, poor
  • Recognising Dehydration Symptoms Having well hydrated teams minimises risks and accidents in the workplace.  Hydration has a direct impact on mood and performance, improving mental clarity

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