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Stratex is a dedicated leader in Australian Hazardous Spill Control and Safety Equipment, keeping industry prepared and protected with the highest quality spill kit products, same day dispatch, expert advice and invaluable service.

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  • Stratex FAQs Do I need a Spill Kit?
    Do I require a Spill Kit in my Workplace? If you work in an industry that handles or stores any liquids with a potential to spill,
  • Stratex FAQs What Size Spill Kit
    Spill Kit Size Types From portable to permanent, spill kits can be as versatile as you need them to be. A quick assessment of potential spill
  • Respond by Filtering Contaminated Stormwater
    Sediment & Oil Contaminated Stormwater Rain can wreak havoc on construction sites. Dirty boots tracking mud, combined with slippery surfaces often don’t usually make for an
  • Customised Spill Trailers, Hunter Valley Coal Mine Large working areas such as ports, mining and construction sites and airports may have the risk of a large

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