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Stratex is a dedicated leader in Australian Hazardous Spill Control and Safety Equipment, keeping industry prepared and protected with the highest quality products, same day dispatch, expert advice and invaluable service.

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  • Stratex releases innovative absorbent to Australian market; material selectively absorbs oil and filters clean water Hazardous spill control provider, Stratex has launched Spilltration, a new absorbent
  • CONCRETE WASHOUT BAGS USAGE INSTRUCTIONS FITTING THE BAG Completely unfold the bag with the square opening facing upwards and positioned under the chute or hopper To
  • CONCRETE WASHOUT BAGS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is concrete washout waste? On nearly all construction sites concrete providers are required to wash down their chutes or
  • Ordering online has never been easier – that’s one less worry for your environmental protection and workplace safety. Don’t miss out on our new website offer!