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What Makes DefendaWipes Special?

DefendaWipe Pull Test for Strength

There’s wipes, and then there’s DefendaWipes – our range of wipes developed specifically for heavy duty industrial use. So what makes DefendaWipes special? Let’s explore some hard-hitting questions and find out why every workplace should have a box (or several) on hand.

Are DefendaWipes strong?

Yes, some wipes fall apart when wet or subjected to heavy duty use. With DefendaWipes that’s not the case – they’re manufactured using a unique spunlace composition, helping to maintain their strength both wet and dry. This construction technique also helps to minimise lint, so you can wipe surfaces clean with a single sweep.

How do DefendaWipes maximise absorbency?

The embossing on DefendaWipes helps to wick moisture away from hard surfaces. DefendaWipes deliver high performance and consistent absorbency as small leaks and drips are easily handled. DefendaWipes can also help to reduce costs and maintain compliance by preventing emergency spill kit use. It’s one of the reasons why DefendaWipes feature in our Maintenance Clean up & Spill Kit.

Space efficiency: How do DefendaWipes compare?

If you’ve ever tried removing a single rag from a ‘bag of rags’, you’ll know it’s not easy. Sometimes even the helicopter method doesn’t work! Rags are packed tightly to reduce storage footprint, but this comes at a cost – Rags can end up on the floor, becoming contaminated and causing wastage. DefendaWipes are available in dispenser boxes or and rolls for easy access and efficiency. We also supply a range of wall and floor mount solutions to maximise functionality in your workspace.

How versatile are DefendaWipes?

In short, they’re extremely versatile. DefendaWipes are available in 60 and 120gsm thickness varieties. Spray and wipe cleaning on hard surfaces? DefendaWipe 60 is ideal. Heavy duty cleaning or liquid spills? Reach for the DefendaWipe 120. We even offer an XL version for speed cleaning large surface areas. Whether you’re wiping, mopping or even polishing, you can depend on DefendaWipes for your cleaning needs.

DefendaWipes are a great tool that supports a safe and compliant workshop. By keeping them handy and accessible, you’ll be able to clean up spills and wipe surfaces quickly, reducing risk and contributing toward a safer work environment. To experience the DefendaWipes difference, contact Stratex on 1300 991 180 or email [email protected].

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