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Using Coir Mesh for Erosion Control

Erosion can create significant issues in industries such as civil construction, mining and agriculture where soil is exposed. As the topsoil erodes the ground can become unstable and result in damage to people, property and the environment. Fortunately erosion can be controlled and prevented through measures such as silt socks, silt fences and coir logs. In this article we’ll focus on a new product available from Stratex, coir mesh. Read on to find out what coir mesh is and how it can be used to control erosion.

What is coir mesh?

Coir mesh is made from coconut husk fibres, a renewable byproduct of the coconut production process. These fibres are woven together to create a mesh-like mat that can be laid directly over exposed soil. Stratex coir mesh matting comes in 2 metre by 25 metre lengths, and is 700gsm thick, woven to withstand prolonged UV exposure and high water flow rates. Coir mesh is a heavy duty and lower cost alternative to jute mesh matting.

Is coir mesh sustainable?

Yes, one of the biggest benefits of coir mesh is that it’s 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly. As the coir mesh slowly degrades over time, it releases nutrients that help to improve soil quality and promote plant growth. Moreover, being made from natural materials means there are no negative environmental impacts.

Usage for erosion control and soil stabilisation

Coir mesh is highly effective at controlling erosion and stabilising soil, especially on sloped banks and swales. When coir mesh is placed over exposed soil, the mesh acts as a barrier to prevent soil particles from being disturbed by wind or water. It also helps the soil to retain moisture by limiting sun exposure. As coir mesh biodegrades into the soil, the coir fibres continue to provide additional structure into the soil. These beneficial properties can remain in place for years, even after complete biodegradation of the mesh has occurred.

Can coir mesh be used to establish plants?

Yes, coir mesh helps plants to establish in exposed soil areas. By preventing erosion and helping to retain moisture, coir mesh creates ideal conditions for plant growth. Slits can be made in the mesh matting to plant new or go over existing trees. Again, the nutrients released into soil as it degrades can help to enrich the soil, adding structure and promoting plant growth.

A uniquely versatile solution

A key advantage to coir mesh is its unique versatility across a variety of applications. This includes slope stabilisation, channel lining and erosion control along roadsides. Coir mesh can also be used alongside other erosion control products, including coir logs, silt fences, mulch, and other matting types.

If you’re looking for effective erosion control suitable to cover a large area, coir mesh makes an excellent choice. For more information about which erosion control method would best suit your requirements contact your local Stratex representative.

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