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The Power of Glove

Stratex Razorshield GFF777

At Stratex we’ve been producing gloves since we first started in 2009. We’ve continued to leverage advancements in glove technology with our bulk buying power to develop and deliver high quality affordable gloves. And don’t just take our word for it, here’s what a client had to say about the Razorshield GFF777 Cut 5F Safety Gloves:

“As a Concreter, I’ve tried all sorts of gloves and these are the best on the market. I’ve been wearing the same Razorshields for over 6 months, never washed them and they’re only just starting to wear through in a couple of places. The double dip coating keeps the concrete out and the cut 5 protects my hands from the reo – they’re probably the best tool in my toolbox.”

Craig, Craig Copping Concrete

With this kind of longevity, Craig’s latest Razorshield order could last him 24 years!

Why do we forget to wear gloves?

Unless your workplace mandates it, here are the top reasons why people aren’t wearing gloves (when they probably should be).

  1. They’re not in easy reach – Your gloves could be over the other side of the workshop or back in your vehicle. Keep gloves in your pockets or carry them with a glove clip and they’ll always be at hand.
  2. They don’t fit properly – Your gloves shouldn’t fit too tight or loose. All hands are different and while many gloves do stretch, the best fit for you could be size and brand specific.
  3. Discomfort – wearing gloves is one thing, but ensuring they’re fit for purpose is another thing entirely. Protection against liquids, cuts, impacts or abrasions are all considerations that can affect feel and comfort. We’ve developed an Interactive Glove Selector to help you choose the right glove for your requirements.

Using one of the above reasons as an excuse for a hand injury may seem silly, and there’s an important lesson here. If your PPE doesn’t fit properly, isn’t comfortable or fit for purpose, make sure you do something about it.

To learn more about gloves and other PPE products available from Stratex and ensure you’ve got adequate supply, contact us on 1300 991 180 or email [email protected].

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