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An Innovative Filtration Solution

Spilltration Huskee Drain Guard

The Spilltration Drain Guard is compatible with Husky Pads.

Sediment & Oil Contaminated Stormwater

Rain can wreak havoc on construction sites. Dirty boots tracking mud, combined with slippery surfaces often don’t usually make for an enjoyable working environment. Heavy rain can also carry cement, soil and silt into drains, clogging waterways and threatening marine life.

Good sediment control should prevent construction material contamination and filter any sediment-laden water. Risk to waterways increases when using fuels and oils on site – start adding these into the mix and soon you’ve got a recipe for disaster!

Thankfully innovative products like Spilltration exist. The Spilltration range includes a Drain Guard, Husky Pads and Rugs; these can be combined to cover drains and filter contaminated stormwater. Spilltration Husky absorbents feature unique fibres that trap sediment, oils and fuels, allowing contaminate-free water to flow into stormwater drains below. Spilltration products also enable EPA compliance, reducing the risk of heavy fines for your worksite. Click the video to see it in action.

Spilltration Husky Pads and Rugs are ideal for emergency response teams including Fire Brigades and the State Emergency Service (SES). Whilst traditional polypropylene absorbents are excellent at soaking up oil and fuel, heavy rain can act as a barrier to their absorbency. Spilltration Husky Pads feature superior water filtration for excellent rain absorbency.

For more information on Spilltration contact us on 1300 991 180 or email [email protected].

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