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FAQs: Spill Kit Size Types

From portable to permanent, spill kits can be as versatile as you need them to be. If you’re wondering what size spill kit you need, a quick assessment of potential spill risks in your workplace can help to determine the location size, type and location of spill kits. A good rule of thumb is to consider how large your biggest potential spill is likely to be, and then ensure that the spill kit can provide adequate absorbent capacity. Our handy guide below details the standard spill kit types and sizes available from Stratex, and how they are commonly used in Australian industry.

Stratex carry bag spill kits
Carry Bag Spill Kits

These spill kits are available in 15L, 30L and 50L absorbent capacities. Store them inside a vehicle, behind a door or in a cupboard. Our 50L kits are perfect for heavy machinery spills, suitable for trucks, excavators and cranes.

Bucket Spill Kits

Bucket spill kits come in 30L absorbent capacities. These kits are ideal for demanding conditions, including outdoors and in marine environments. Our bucket spill kits are durable and resistant to knocks – store them in a ute tray or workshop and you can always be prepared for spills.

Stratex wheelie bin spill kitWheeled Bin Spill Kits

These are also known as “wheelie” bin kits and are available in 60L, 120L and 240L variants. A variety of sizes combined with their excellent portability makes these kits ideal for warehouses, petrol stations and airports. Add a PVC spill kit cover for added protection from the elements.

Stratex locker bin spill kitsLocker Spill kits

These are amongst our largest spill kits, featuring 400L, 660L and 1100L sizes, with wheeled options available. Locker spill kits are popular at mining and civil construction sites, fuel depots, drill rigs, workshops, ports and outdoor work areas. Our lockers resist rust, corrosion and feature 100% polyethylene construction.

Don’t leave your spill kits unstocked after use – Stratex offers refill packs for most kits. For more information or to customise a kit to suit your requirements, please contact us on 1300 991 180 or email [email protected].

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