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Case Study: Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

When it comes to eye protection, safety glasses are essential PPE, protecting against debris impact and UV radiation. They can look pretty stylish too! However for those wearing safety glasses in cold or humid environments, fogging can be a real pain point. Today we’re looking back to learn about a real life example of how Stratex solved a mining company’s fogging issues.

The Challenge

An Australian mining company had started operations near the equator and was using Stratex PPE. For eye protection, Stratex Fortret Safety Glasses (EPL989) were chosen. With specifications such as anti-scratch polycarbonate lenses and liqhtweight comfort, the Fortret appeared to be the ideal choice.

As it turned out though, their basic anti-fog coating was no match for this humid tropical climate. Mine workers experienced ongoing issues with their safety glasses fogging up, resulting in a lack of vision and many workers’ refusal to wear them.

The Solution

This feedback was acted upon immediately, as Stratex worked with the manufacturer to explore different materials and coatings. Many options were explored and upgrading the anti-fog coating to European CE ‘N’ rated coating produced the best results. Within days of the initial feedback, pre-production samples were expedited back to the mine for their true test – how would they perform in the field, and would they be accepted by the mine workers?

As you can see in the header image comparison, they performed very well! The Anti-Fog Fortrets provided all the benefits of standard Fortret Safety Glasses, without the fogging. Many years have since passed and we’re proud to say that Fortret Anti-Fog Safety Glasses (EPN925) continue to be used at the mine. These safety glasses have become a Stratex PPE staple – durable, comfortable and identifiable by their distinctive red frames.

At Stratex we pride ourselves on developing innovative solutions for challenges that our clients face – as the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved. For more information about how we can help solve your environmental and personal protection challenges, contact us on 1300 991 180 or email [email protected].

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