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Project: Floor Bunding Install at Mainfreight Warehouse

Mainfreight Floor Bunding Install, Queensland

We were recently contacted by the Branch Manager at Mainfreight, a global transport and supply chain logistics company. They were expanding their services by offering to store dangerous goods and hazardous substances for clients. This mean that one of their sites in Queensland, a 3PL warehouse for inventory holding, needed to comply to national health and safety regulations on the containment of hazardous liquids in the event of an accidental spill.

Achieving compliance often depends on the size and available space within a warehouse.

When assessing the site, we identified challenges around hazardous liquids being stored in high forklift and vehicle traffic areas. We had to ensure that inventory was accessible in these area’s whilst being bunded.

Our solution was to install heavy duty Rubber Floor Bunding – excellent for chemical resistance – around all the pallet racking. It was placed here because it wouldn’t hinder the movement of drums or IBCs of hazardous liquid from the pallet racking. Bunding was also placed across the front of entryways to prevent liquid from leaving the warehouse if the spill was to occur in the walkways.

Aluminium Floor Bunding was selected for the remaining areas where it would be exposed to frequent and heavy traffic over a long period of time. The low profile of this bunding maximises clearance, allowing vehicles to drive over with minimal driver discomfort.

In areas of very low human and vehicle traffic, such as the outer walls of the warehouse, a painted grey polyurethane sealant was applied to the edge to ensure the building was completely bunded.

The result was a neat and compliant warehouse with unobtrusive containment measures in place. The client was able to provide peace of mind to their customers that their hazardous inventory was not compromised by being stored in a safe and compliant warehouse.

Do you have problems storing dangerous goods like this on your premises? Contact us today for your site compliance needs.

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