Rhinoguard Needle Protection Gloves – Medium

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  • SKU: GRH285-08
  • Pack Type: Pair
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    Product features: :: Achieves the highest rating for puncture resistance (>150 Newtons) according to the requirements of EN388 (Level 4) and ANSI-105:2055 (Level 5) using the standard 4.5mm diameter puncture probe :: STM F1342-05: 86 Newtons of puncture resistance using the standard 2.03mm diameter puncture probe :: ASTM F1342-05 (modified): 4.1 Newtons of puncture resistance using a 25gm needle (sharpened medical grade) :: All puncture data given is derived from Independent testing on a single layer of RHINOGUARD material :: RHINOGUARD is coated with a highly abrasion resistant material that maximises product durability in applications requiring robust performance :: Dexterity: In contrast with other puncture resistant solutions, RHINOGUARD is lightweight, thin and flexible to maximise dexterity and user comfort. Recommended for: :: Emergency Services: Police, Fire Fighters, Search and Rescue :: Military :: Metal forming and handling :: Glass processing and handling :: Security and Recycling

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