Husky Oil Filter Absorbent Roll – 81.3cm x 7.6m

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  • SKU: SPL023
  • Pack Type: Each
  • Brand: Spilltration
  • MPN: SPL023
  • Shipping Weight: 6.35 kg
  • Length (mm): 7600
  • Width (mm): 813
  • Sustainability: Recycled
  • Usage: Oil & Fuel
  • About

    Spilltration absorbents are the only absorbent material available designed to absorb oils and fuels in outdoor wet environments such as high rainfall and water run-off. They are engineered to allow clean rainwater to filter through while absorbing and containing oil-based leaks and drips such as fuels, lubricant, solvent and transmission fluid spills. The ultra-thick absorbent mat is made from durable, recycled post-industrial waste. This, along with the ability to reuse multiple times, makes them an environmentally sustainable option which reduce your disposal costs. The Spilltration absorbents come supplied vacuum-packed to fit in areas up to 80% smaller than traditional polypropylene absorbents.

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