60L Wheeled Bin Spill Kit – General Purpose


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  • SKU: K25-7060
  • Product Type: Wheeled Bin
  • Brand: Stratex
  • Size: 60L
  • Contents:

    1 x 60L Yellow Wheeled Bin
    1 x Long Absorbent Sock 3m
    2 x Short Absorbent Sock 1.2m
    25 x Absorbent Pads
    2 x Absorbent Cushion
    2 x Bag Granular Absorbent
    1 x Safety Goggles
    1 x Pair Red PVC Gloves
    3 x Contaminated Waste Disposal Bag
    3 x Cable Tie
    1 x Laminated Spill Kit Instructions

  • Colour: Blue
  • Usage: General Purpose
  • About

    The 60 Litre Wheeled Bin Spill Kit is ideal for large factories or workshops where there is potential for a spill to occur, and where they may be some distance apart. Each kit is carefully packed with PPE and a variety of appropriate absorbents to contain and absorb a spill up to 60 Litre (depending on the viscosity of the fluid). Stratex Spill Kits are an integral part of compliance with Australian standards and regulations, and our absorbents are quality tested.

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