Cytotoxic Spill Kit

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  • Brand: ZeoMed
  • Shipping Weight: 1 kg
  • Contents:

    1 x Instruction Sheet
    1 x Long sleeved impermeable gown with elastic cuffs
    4 x Pairs of Purple Cytotoxic Gloves (2 large, 2 medium)
    1 x Pair of Impervious over boots
    1 x Face Mask
    1 x Protective Eye Wear
    1 x Hair Net
    2 x Cytotoxic Spill Signs
    4 x Chemosorb Pads
    6 x Absorbent Cleaning Cloths
    1 x Alginate Bag
    2 x Purple Cytotoxic Waste Bags with Ties
    1 x Scoop & Scraper
    1 x Bottle of Water
    1 x pH Neutral Foaming Detergent

  • Usage: Cytotoxic
  • About

    Protect yourself from the risk of dangerous spills of cytotoxic drugs which pose significant health risks on healthcare workers. Stratex delivers effective spill containment for cytotoxic substances with our comprehensive chemical spill kits. Specifically designed for cytotoxic spillages and leaks, this chemical spill kit is the best way to protect you and your staff.

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