CleanAIR Omnira Faceshield with PAPR Unit

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A light protective shield with easily exchangeable visor provides respiratory and face protection in grinding and dusty environments.  When connected with the CleanAIR Powered Air Respiratory system, the unit provides a controlled system of constant air flow to the worker. The ergonomically designed belt unit is light and slim profile to guarantee comfort when worn for long periods of time. Kit includes battery charger, belt mounting system and filters.

  • SKU: R303100
  • Brand: Maxisafe
  • Product Type: Respiratory Protection
  • About

    Faceshield Features

    • An advanced built-in air distribution system with the highest standard in respiratory protection TH3 / NPF 500
    • Outer control of the direction and intensity of the air in the helmet.
    • Newly designed head suspension allows multiple individual settings.
    • True colour ADF with the highest optical quality 1/1/1/1
    • Fast and easy replacement of all spare parts
    • Grind mode function
    • Lightweight and durable

    PAPR Features

    • Operation time up to 10 hours (with a new filter and airflow at 160 l/min)
    • Short battery recharge time - only 3 hours!
    • Adjustable airflow (160 l/min and 210 l/min)
    • Audio visual and vibrating alarm indicates low airflow and low battery charge
    • Simple control with one button
    • Faceshield only weighs 520g!
    • Easily replaceable Visor - spare parts available.

    Benefits Over Alternatives

    • Anti fog lense coating preventing fogging
    • Drawstring skirt can be set to comfort, others have elastic strap
    • Airflow port is at least 1/3 wider than other unit, more air flowing across a wider front
    • Our battery is a sealed unit, other units have a clip on battery pack with a touch point contact for power, unsealed
    • Our filters are easy to replace, others more complex
    • Our unit has an ergonomic belt mount, others are not

    Kit Includes:

    • R703100 - Omnira Air Protective Faceshield
    • RPA530 - AerGo PAPR Belt Unit
    • RFH529 - QuickLOCK Flexi Hose
    • CONT-BOX - Storage box

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