Biohazard Spill Kit

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  • SKU: ZEOZ014
  • Brand: ZeoMed
  • MPN: ZEO-Z014
  • Shipping Weight: 3 kg
  • Contents:

    1 x Removable Instruction Sheet
    3 x 1kg tub of ZeoMed Absorbent Powder
    2 x Spill Area Warning Signs
    2 x 5 metre “spill warning tape”
    1 x Pair Protective Gloves
    1 x Goggles & Dust Mask
    4 x Shoe Protectors
    2 x Scoop & Scraper
    4 x Waste Disposal Bags
    1 x Tape to seal bags (1 roll)
    4 x Absorbent Cleaning Cloths
    1 x Dust Pan & Brush
    1 x 50 Litre Box

  • About

    This kit is designed for locations with various risks of larger spills ranging from biohazard, chemical spills to general slip and fall hazards such as cooking oil or detergents. Ideal for location such as supermarkets, shopping centres, restaurants, and other locations where staff or the public may be at risk. Made from 100% natural mineral, is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

    Absorbs: body fluids, acids, grease - oils, food oils, brake fluid, liquid pesticides, antifreeze.

    Controls odours: ammonia, aldehyde, hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans, water, ethylene, carbon monoxide.

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