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  • Coir Mesh Matting – 2m x 25m x 700gsm

    Coir mesh is a heavy duty, lower cost alternative to jute matting. It can be used to stabilise sloped soil banks and swales, helping to retain moisture whilst preventing wind and rain erosion. Coir mesh can also prevent weed growth. Simply place coir mesh over soil and cut for vegetation as required. Mesh will biodegrade over time, enriching soil with added nutrients and structure.

    • Highly effective method to control erosion and stabilise soil
    • Made from coconut husk fibres, a renewable byproduct of the coconut production process
    • Acts as a barrier to prevent soil particles from being disturbed by wind and water
    • Helps plants establish and retains moisture in soil
    • Releases nutrients into soil as coir fibres slowly biodegrade over time
    • Prevents and inhibits weed growth
    • 2m x 25m to suit most applications
    • 700gsm thick and woven to withstand prolonged UV exposure and high water flow rates
    • Can be used in conjunction with other erosion control products such as coir logs, silt socks and silt fences

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