Spills on Water

Contain hydrocarbon spills on water with our range of oil and fuel absorbent booms, pads, sweeps. Hydrophobic properties enable these solutions to float on the surface of oceans, lakes and rivers.
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  • Oil & Fuel Standard Absorbent Pads – Pack of 200

    Oil & Fuel Standard Absorbent Pads are perforated along the centre allowing them to be easily divided so you can get the right size pad for the spill and to assist in placing in smaller and confined spaces.
    Sold in an easy-to-use dispenser box or plastic wrapped for cost effectiveness. Each pad absorbs at least half a litre!

  • PVC Fence Boom | SKIM-S1

    Stratex Surface skimmers are designed to remove oil, fats and floating material from tanks, sumps, interceptors and other effluent pits. They may also be used in open waters such as lakes, harbours and lagoons. They are a true self-adjusting, weir-type, oily water skimmer.

    :: Self-Adjusting Skim – Surface skim-height is fully self-adjusting to take the finest cut of surface liquid despite changes in flow rate or fluid viscosity. Doesn’t require constant manual adjustments.
    :: Operates if tilted – The oil water skimmer continues to work effectively even if the skimmer tilts by a few degrees relative to the water level. Tilting often occurs in confined pits or when the suction hose is twisted. Many other skimmers will not function if the :: skimmer tilts by even a few degrees.
    :: Skims in all directions – Fluid is skimmed in all directions
    :: No moving mechanical parts – This makes our skimmers suitable for unmanned operation or difficult access locations. It also reduces painstaking labour, intensive maintenance, and reduces the costs associated with manning and maintenance.
    :: Other features – The skimmers can be supplied with hose kits and hose floats. This skimmer is specifically designed for use in tanks and pits.

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