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Operation Drought Relief

Operation Drought Relief

Providing drought relief to farmers and their families

The Rapid Relief Team, a charity dedicated to supporting those in need, is rolling out Operation Drought Relief, an initiative to assit drought stricken communities in NSW & QLD.

As a Stratex customers, you too can play your part in supporting the initiative. Stratex is donating $10 from every order placed in NSW & QLD to Operation Drought Relief.

Your donation will go towards hay for livestock and food for farmers families. 20 road trains of hay are en route from south-west WA to the Condobolin region in NSW. This is approximately 2,000 bales which will feed 1,000 cows or 20,000 sheep for 20 weeks. RRT are also providing $100 food coupons (from IGA & Foodworks) to 100 families for the next 13 weeks, totaling $130,000 worth of coupons.

Your order with Stratex will help assist a farmer in need! To find out more about the RRT Campaign or to donate further, click here 

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