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Dealing with Marine Spills

If a single litre of oil can contaminate a million litres of seawater, imagine the damage that a 205L drum or 1000L intermediate bulk container (IBC) could cause. Adequate bunding and spill control is essential for businesses that store hazardous liquids near bodies of water. At Stratex, we know all too well the impacts of spills on water, having helped to clean up 80 tonnes of oil spilled at the Solomon Islands UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our aim is to help you prevent future marine spills and minimise any environmental impacts if a spill does occur.

Marine Spill Absorbents & Kits

marine refuelling station

No one wants hydrocarbon spills on water and our marine spill kits are designed to absorb all oil, fuel, solvents, petrol and diesel. They’re hydrophobic, meaning that they repel water and will float on the surface, even when oil saturated. Marine spill kits often include:

Booms, which are a highly effective means of containing oil spills in streams, rivers and lakes. Additional length can be achieved with inbuilt clip locks. Our booms feature a durable mesh sleeve capable of resisting snags and debris, as well as an internal rope for added strength.

Absorbent Pads are the next step in a marine spill clean up. Once the spill has been contained in using a boom, place pads on the surface to absorb remaining hydrocarbons. Our pads come perforated so that they can be correctly sized with minimal wastage.

Absorbent Rolls and Sweeps absorb and contain hydrocarbon spills including oil, fuel and solvents. They are perfect for removing the final sheen from oil spills on water after the bulk clean-up has taken place.

Silt Curtains

A silt curtain forming a protective barrier.

Popular for marine construction, these provide a waterborne barrier to restrict damage and sediment runoff into waterways such as rivers, lakes and harbours. Made with heavy duty reinforced PVC, silt curtains use oil resistant, crumble-proof foam to float on water. Underneath a non-woven geotextile skirt restricts water flow and allows suspended sediment to settle. Construction companies, marine service and councils use silt curtains during construction such as bridge building and foreshore road works. Our standard silt curtain length is 20m with a variety of skirt heights available. Custom curtain lengths are also available by request.

Marine Drain Protection

Drain protection isn’t just for civil construction and mining – it’s also relevant for marine environments. Catching oil and fuel spills before they reach the water can have a huge impact on clean up time, effort and cost. The below solutions have the potential to save a business thousands in clean up costs should a spill occur.

GuardDog Drain Filter

The GuardDog filters contaminated water.

The GuardDog Drain Filter is placed over drains and can be bolted or tied in place. Each GuardDog will absorb up to 12 litres of hydrocarbons whilst releasing clean water into waterways.

Polyurethane Drain Covers are reusable and available in a variety of sizes to suit most drain sizes. These covers prevent spills from entering drains once they occur. Polyurethane drain covers are the simplest of all drain covers, both flexible and tacky to provide a tight seal. They have excellent resistance to most chemicals, including oils, fuels and solvents.


An IBC bund with a protective cover.

Bunding is a spill containment system which forms a secondary perimeter around stored liquids. Any leaks or escapes that occur can be captured more easily with appropriate bunding. As general rule, bunding should hold 110% of the maximum capacity of your largest tank or drum.

  • Liquid Drum Bunding is a popular solution for storing 44-gallon drums, and can be made from polyethylene or steel. This bunding is also forklift compatible, even when fully-loaded.
  • IBC Bunding  – We also offer larger bunded spill pallets suitable for IBCs. Storage covers are available for protection from the elements. For bunds stored outdoors we recommend the fitting of integrated drain plugs.

Stratex offers a wide range of marine spill control solutions. If you’d like more information about your particular application contact us on 1300 991 180 or email [email protected].

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