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Why Wipes are First Aid for Spills

When we have a spill in the kitchen, paper towel is often the first thing we reach for – one wipe and the mess is gone. You might already be using spill kits in your workplace, but what about for smaller spills and drips? Deploying a spill kit on smaller spills can be an overkill and economically unviable. So how can you clean up smaller spills whilst keeping your spill kit fully-stocked for emergencies? In this article we’re going to discuss why industrial wipes should be your first aid response for smaller spills in your workplace.

Should I use Paper Towel, Rags or Industrial Wipes?

Suffice to say, anything is better than nothing for cleaning up spills. However, purchase price, product performance and time spent cleaning should all play a part in your decision.

Paper towels can be effective at absorbing spills, but not all are created equal. Many can reach their saturation point quickly, resulting in messy liquid being smeared around. Paper towels can also lint and break down when wet, leaving behind particulates and a longer clean up time.

Rags reclaimed or recycled from old clothing and bedding can help to reduce landfill. Whilst rags can be inexpensive, they may produce lint and can smear surfaces as the fabric used greatly affects their absorbent capacity. For example, woven polyester does not absorb liquid, and can reduce the absorbency of cotton when they are blended together.

Stratex DefendaWipes offer superior strength and absorbency compared to paper towels and rags. Unique spunlace composite construction gives these wipes amazing tear-resistance and low-linting qualities. DefendaWipes effectively clean up oil, grime and solvents, without leaving residue behind. DefendaWipes are available in two thickness variations: 60 for general purpose use and 120 for heavy duty applications.

Convenient Packaging Options

Defenda Wipes 120

Stratex DefendaWipes are available in convenient dispenser boxes

Having good access to wipes can help ensure that smaller spills can be contained easily, with less chance to spread.

Dispenser boxes can sit on workbenches, in drawers or on shelves – ensuring that your DefendaWipes are always on hand and in easy reach. Single sheet dispensing can also help to minimise wastage. The box is also very compact to fit in service utes and toolboxes.

Jumbo rolls are an excellent solution where greater quantities of wipes need to be deployed quickly. Rolls can be used as is, or wall mounted for easier dispensing.

Stratex offer specialised dispensing solutions for DefendaWipe products.

One Range, many Applications

DefendaWipes are used in many settings and industries. They’re popular in workshops, mining, healthcare, cleaning, food processing and automotive applications – but their true usage potential is endless. How will you use your DefendaWipes?

Stratex offers a wide range of absorbents, for more information about your particular application contact us on 1300 991 180 or email [email protected].

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