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How to clean up oil in wet conditions

Introducing Spilltration absorbents – exclusive to Stratex.

If you’re an emergency response team cleaning up oil from an accident, a civil construction firm needing to control sediment runoff have large outdoor equipment with slow and steady leaks have you noticed how difficult it is to clean up oil in the rain?

White polypropylene pads are the industry standard in cleaning oil spills on water.

But when used in rainy conditions, water beads on the surface of the pads, creating a barrier that prevents the oil from being absorbed effectively.

But now there’s a new product revolutionising oil spill clean-up in the rain …
Introducing Spilltration. Spilltration selectively absorbs oil and fuel while allowing clean water to filter through. It can be used for catching drips and it’s ideal for outdoor and mobile work forces for containment,  and soaking up spills in the rain.

The Spilltration range includes husky pads, rolls and shammy towels.

Enhance your spill safety programme with Spilltration from Stratex.

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