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What is the GuardDog DamSock?

The GuardDog DamSock is a sustainable silt sock alternative that filters contaminated stormwater runoff, trapping sediment and removing hydrocarbons. DamSock works by forming a barrier against contaminated stormwater. This damming effect allows cleaned water to seep through, free of sediment and hydrocarbons. As pressure builds behind the DamSock, the more effective it becomes. The DamSock is ideal for trapping sediment in high wind areas, including airports and coastal areas. It is flexible, contours to uneven surfaces and can be used to create a containment dam around spills. The DamSock is made using recycled post consumer and post industrial waste. Optional joiner kits enable a custom length DamSock to suit your requirements.

For more information on the DamSock other GuardDog products, contact Stratex on 1300 991 180 or email [email protected].

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