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Four Reasons Why We Love Absorbents

At Stratex we love spill absorbents of all kinds, shapes and sizes. Biased? Maybe. But we believe that there’s four good reasons why we feel this way. And who knows, maybe after reading you will too!

1. There’s an absorbent for every purpose.

Pads, socks, booms, cushions, granules – they can all be used for different applications, whether it’s a chemical spill, oil leak, or even beer spill.

Polypropylene absorbents share the same base material, but the way they are treated can have a big impact on how they work as a spill absorbent.

Untreated polypropylene absorbents have hydrophobic properties (basically, afraid of water). This helps them to absorb hydrocarbons such as oil and fuel whilst repelling water. This is great for wet conditions because you’ll only absorb hydrocarbons, minimising usage and waste. Polypropylene oil and fuel absorbents also float, making them ideal for absorbing spills on water.

So what about polypropylene absorbents when you want absorb water-soluble spills? Polypropylene absorbents can be treated during manufacturing to give them hydrophilic (water-loving) properties. Our General Purpose and Chemical absorbents have these attributes, and this equips them to absorb basically any type of fluid.

Absorbent Granule or Pads?
Both absorbent granules and pads have their own advantages, which makes them suitable for different types of spill scenarios.

  • Absorbent Granules can be spread over a long distance and across uneven surfaces. Spills in irregular shapes and in restrictive spaces can also benefit from using granules.
  • Absorbent Pads suit smooth sealed surfaces and in particular, large pools of liquid. Each of our heavyweight pads can absorb up to one litre of liquid.

To learn more about which spill absorbent to use for your application, try our Interactive Guide.

2. Absorbents assist with emergency preparedness.

The nature of your work might mean that spills are a regular occurrence and part of daily activity. One of the best ways that absorbents can assist with emergency preparedness is by preventing the misuse of emergency spill kits. Having dedicated absorbents on hand means that you won’t need to raid your spill kits when you need to clean up a spill.

Absorbent roll dispensers are also great way to save time and minimise waste. Floor and wall mount dispensers can be installed in high-risk work areas. This may include liquid handling areas, machinery workshops, during equipment repairs and maintenance. Absorbent rolls can measure up to one metre in width, so a controlled dispensing method can help to reduce risks of contamination and wastage.

3. Absorbents are a prevention measure which can be built into process.

The presence of absorbents in workplaces can serve as a great visual reminder for workers to take necessary precautions when handling hazardous substances or materials. Using absorbents as part of your standard work process can provide multiple benefits:

  • By encouraging better ways of working that will not result in mess.
  • By helping to keep workplace surfaces clean, reducing the amount of clean up.
  • By reducing the risk of workplace safety incidents such as slips and falls.

Each of these benefits contributes to a safer and more efficient workplace, with fewer lost time incidents.

4. Absorbents provide a cost-effective approach to spill control.

Absorbents are the most cost-effective way to clean up a spill because it’s exactly what the’re designed to do. The speed with which absorbent products can be deployed means that spills can be contained quickly and with minimal disruption. A quick clean up not only helps to limit the immediate impact of a spill, but also reduces the amount of absorbents required, saving time and money. Importantly, the use of absorbents as part of rapid response can prevent spills from becoming emergencies.

Stratex has been a specialist supplier of spill control products for over a decade. We’ve been called upon to assist with the clean up of major environmental disasters, as well as everyday spill emergencies. Our knowledge and experience has shaped our range, which helps our clients equip themselves for all kinds of scenarios. If you’d like to learn more about our absorbent solutions or would like a recommendation for your specific requirements, contact our friendly team today.

  • Oil & Fuel Heavyweight Absorbent Pads (Box of 100)

    Designed to absorb and contain hydrocarbon spills including oil, fuel, solvents, petrol & diesel. These absorbents repel water, meaning they are ideal for outdoor environments and when spills occur on waterways such as drains, ports, marinas, harbours, lakes and rivers. The hydrophobic (water repellent) absorbents will float even when fully saturated with oil. Super absorbent pads are used to absorb and clean up oil and fuel spills, leaks and drips. Perforations allow them to be easily divided so you can get the right size pad for the spill and prevent wastage. Bonded to provide maximum strength – Premium quality and fast absorbing. Available in an easy-to-use dispenser box, or plastic wrapped for cost effectiveness.

  • Chemical Heavyweight Absorbent Pads (Box of 100)

    Chemical Heavyweight Pads are perforated along the centre allowing them to be easily divided so you can get the right size pad for the spill and to assist in placing in small or confined spaces. They are bonded to provide maximum strength and are fast absorbing, strong and labour saving. Sold in an easy-to-use dispenser box of 100 or plastic wrapped for cost effectiveness. Suitable for absorbing hazardous materials (hazmat) such as chemicals, solvents, acids, caustics, oils and other solutions.


    • Pack of 100 (500mm x 400mm x 380gsm) – CP3000P
  • General Purpose Heavyweight Absorbent Pad (Box of 100)

    The General Purpose Heavyweight Pads absorb and contain all non-aggressive fluids of oil and water base. They are perforated along the centre allowing them to be easily divided so you can get the right size pad for the spill. This assists in placing them in small and confined spaces. Pads are sold in an easy-to-use dispenser box or plastic wrapped for cost effectiveness. Each Heavyweight Pad will absorb up to 1 Litre!

  • Liquasweep All-Purpose Sponge Absorbent – 22L

    A natural sea sponge with huge absorption capacity. Can be used to absorb any liquid spill from oils, fuels and solvents to paint, acids and alkalis. Stays dry and granular even when saturated::Due to its non-leaching characteristics, it can be disposed of in appropriate land fill locations. Ideal for road transport spills.

    Bag Size: 15Kg
    Pallet Qty: 66 Bags

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