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Filtering Sediment from Floodwater

My worksite is flooded, now what?

Anyone in the business of building knows that rain and construction don’t mix. And after heavy rain or flooding, you might face something that resembles more of a swamp than a worksite. Flooding is one of the biggest threats to construction and a leading cause of loss claims, damaging buildings and causing delays. A quick clean-up is essential to minimise impacts, and most indoor cleaning is relatively straightforward – mops, floor squeegees and water pumps all work well. Standing water outdoors requires a slightly different approach – usually this type of extraction involves a water pump and dewatering bag combination.

What is a Dewatering Bag?


Dewatering bags (or sediment filter bags) filter sediment laden water from construction, mining and flood affected sites. These bags provide an economical way to remove silt and heavy particles from extracted water. They work by connecting to pump outlets as contaminated water passes through. Silt and sediment become trapped in the geotextile fabric as filtered water flows out. Position dewatering bags:

  1. At the water collection point (including portable bunding as pictured above), or
  2. At the water source as they filter out the sediment.

Should you filter sediment laden water?

Yes – pumping flooded sites without filtration results in the removal of dirt, silt and mud along with the water. Discharging these contaminants into stormwater drains is damaging to the environment. This can result in clogged waterways, more flooding and harm to aquatic animals and marine life. The EPA also actively investigates environmental pollution offences, which are now subject to criminal prosecution.

What options are available?

Stratex dewatering bags are available with a silt filter only, or with a silt and hydrocarbon filter. We recommend the latter if there is an oil sheen, or risk of hydrocarbon contamination. Dewatering bags come in two standard sizes, 1200 x 1200mm and 2000 x 2000mm – both are designed to fit on a pallet for easy transportation once full of silt. Our dewatering bags also flow up to 80L/m²/sec with a 90 micron filtration, supporting a quick and efficient clean up. Note that dewatering bag size is dependent on the volume and quality of water being pumped – larger volumes or heavy contamination will require a larger bag. We also offer custom-sized dewatering bags to suit your specific requirements.

So if you need to extract sediment laden water, a dewatering bag provides a simple, cost effective method with sound peace of mind. To find out more about dewatering bags for your application and more sediment control solutions available from Stratex, please contact us on 1300 991 180 or email [email protected].

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