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FAQ – Concrete Washout Bags


What is concrete washout waste?
On nearly all construction sites concrete providers are required to wash down their chutes or pump hoppers before leaving the site. This washout waste sets to a solid and becomes both an environmental problem and an inconvenience for workers to clean up.

Why use concrete washout bags?
The Stratex Concrete Washout Bag provides a quick and convenient solution to contain all concrete washout waste. The bag is simply placed under the chute or hopper and the slurry is contained in the plastic/polyethylene inner liner in the bag.

Are the Concrete Washout Bags liftable?
The bag has lifting loops which enable the bag to be moved once the concrete is dry or set.

What do I do with my Concrete Washout Bag when full or how can I dispose of a full Concrete Washout Bag?
Once the concrete has dried, these bags can be reused to create carpark bags, low retaining walls or designated compounds. Alternatively, they can be easily disposed of by a concrete recycler or with general construction waste.

How much weight can a Concrete Washout Bag hold?
The outer bag is ultra-strong and are tested to a load rating of 2470kg.

Do Stratex Concrete Washout Bags meet Australian Standards?
All Stratex Concrete Washout Bags are fully tested and certified to Australian Standard AS3668-1989.

How big are the Concrete Washout Bags?
Bag dimensions are 175cmL x 104cmW x 37cmH and they have a capacity of 0.70 cubic meters. The top opening is square and has dimensions of 85 x 70cm.

Where can I purchase Concrete Washout Bags?
Stratex hold extensive stocks of the bags in all its locations across Australia. Visit our contact us page to contact our closest branch to you.

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