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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Drain Pollution

Does your day job involve minimising environmental impacts? It’s an important responsibility that requires extensive planning, policies and procedures. Even with all these systems in place, external factors can still throw a curveball into the mix. Stratex has been providing businesses with environmental and personal protection solutions for over a decade, and our experience has shown us there’s often no single solution.

An estimated 3000 Gigalitres of runoff flows through Australia’s urban stormwater drains every year – that’s 1.2 million Olympic swimming pools! None of us want contaminated stormwater ending up in our oceans, so here’s our top five ways to prevent drain pollution.

1. DrainSAFE

The DrainSAFE

The DrainSAFE is designed to fit inside most drain systems

This solution sits inside the drain pit and is made up of a barrel and a diffuser. As stormwater flows through the DrainSAFE, debris collects in the diffuser. Optional booms for the diffuser are available to help absorb hydrocarbons. The DrainSAFE features a built-in isolation valve that can stop flow into the stormwater system if required.

Why we like it: Whilst there is considerable cost and amount of setup involved, the great thing about DrainSAFE is that it can be emptied and cleaned periodically or as required. Being able to open or close the unit provides flexibility during risky activities or spill emergencies.

2. GuardDog Drain Filter

This drain protection solution sits over the top the drain and can be secured in place. The GuardDog filters contaminated stormwater, trapping sediment and hydrocarbons, releasing clean water into the waterways below. It’s one of the only solutions on the market that offers protection for side entry drains.

Why we like it: The GuardDog is simple, lightweight and durable. These drain filters can be installed in minutes and can be custom made to fit most drain types.

GuardDog Side View

The GuardDog is available to suit side-entry drains

3. Geofabric Drain Pollution Guard

Drain Pollution Guard with Absorbent Boom

Drain pollution guards fit under drain grates and feature a hollowed section to capture and rubbish, debris and coarse sediments in contaminated stormwater. Heavy duty geofabric filter material provides excellent water flow for effective drainage. Each drain pollution guard includes a bilge boom to remove hydrocarbons, oils and fuels. Available in different sizes and can be trimmed to suit most drains.

Why we like it: Drain pollution guards provide excellent value and are reusable. It’s a simple but effective solution.

4. Polyurethane Drain Cover

These covers are reusable and available in a variety of sizes to suit most drain sizes. Polyurethane drain covers are a great way of preventing spills from entering drains once they occur. They are the simplest of all drain covers, both flexible and tacky to provide a tight seal. They have excellent resistance to most chemicals, including oils, fuels and solvents. Because they effectively block the drain they can contribute to flooding and are only recommended as part of spill response.

Why we like it: Polyurethane drain covers are simple, quick and easy to deploy. A must-have item when handling fluids near drains.

5. Weighted Drain Cover

These drain covers are an effective way of temporarily sealing a stormwater drain in the event of a spill. Weighted drain covers are an economical solution for your stormwater management plan. They are similar to polyurethane drain covers with the added benefit of having a geo-textile underlay with gel filling. This feature provides maximum flexibility, enabling it to conform to almost any gutter or flooring surface.

Why we like it: Weighted drain covers provide even better performance than their polyurethane counterparts and come with storage bags that can be hung, ready for immediate deployment.

Weighted drain cover

Drain Protection Summary

Traps Sediment Traps Hydrocarbons Filters Water Reusable Can Isolate (Block) Drain Priced from
DrainSAFE Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Contact us
GuardDog Drain Filter Yes Yes Yes Yes No $228
Drain Pollution Guard Yes Yes – with Boom Yes Yes No $130
Polyurethane Drain Cover No No No Yes Yes $218
Weighted Drain Cover No No No Yes Yes $365

It’s worth noting that all of these drain protection solutions require some form of professional installation and maintenance.

For more information on the right drain protection solution for your needs, contact Stratex on 1300 991 180 or email [email protected].



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