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Stormwater Drain Filter Performance

Stormwater Sediment Trap Filtration Australia

As new EPA laws come into effect, Australian businesses are reviewing their environmental protection measures to ensure they are compliant. Non-compliance can be costly, with the risk of heavy penalties, loss of reputation and environmental damage. One of the key target areas is stormwater runoff, as the EPA aims to prevent pollutants from entering drains and waterways. Stratex has been providing solutions to protect different drain types for over a decade, and continue to offer silt socks, coir logs as well as newer innovations such as the DrainSAFE and GuardDog Drain Filter.

The GuardDog Drain Filter in particular has been growing in popularity and can be found protecting kerb inlets on major construction projects around the country. Our own tests and client feedback indicate that the GuardDog works well to filter hydrocarbons and sediment. We are excited to share the results of independent laboratory filtration testing – the results may surprise you.

How well do drain filters control sediment?

Independent laboratory testing has shown that the GuardDog filtration material can trap particles as small as 0.053mm (53 microns) – that’s finer than a human hair. To put this into context, stormwater sediment traps in Australia are classified based on their ability to filter different particle sizes, outlined below:

 Classification Minimum Particle Size Typical Trapped Particles
 Type 1 < 0.045mm Clay, silt & sand
 Type 2 0.045 – 0.14mm Silt & sand
 Type 3 > 0.14mm Sand
 Supplementary >0.14mm Sand

Source: International Erosion Control Association Australasia

These results reinforce the GuardDog Drain Filter as an exceptional stormwater sediment trap – an accolade we’re proud to add to a long list of GuardDog benefits. Environmental Engineers and HSE Managers can rest assured that this sediment control innovation can be used in a best-practice approach for sediment control for your worksite. For more information on the GuardDog or other drain protection products, contact Stratex on 1300 991 180 or email [email protected].

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