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What is Bunding & Do I Need it?

Bunding, also colloquially known as a bund, is a spill containment system which forms a secondary perimeter around stored liquids. Any leaks or escapes that occur can be captured more easily with bunding. This article will focus on bunding as part of a spill management plan. Find out some commonly-asked bunding questions and answers below.

Do I need Bunding?

To determine if you need a bund for liquids stored in your facility, you should consider:

  1. What type of liquid is being stored? What are the potential environmental impacts? For example, if you have liquids that are stored near bodies of water, it is essential for these to be bunded.
  2. How much liquid? Bunds can prevent catastrophic spills from large containers and reduce clean up efforts.
  3. Is your facility equipped for your largest potential spill? Spill kits combined with adequate bunding can ensure peace of mind and EPA compliance.
  4. Duration – How long will liquids be stored? Liquid storage containers can fail at any time and this risk increases due to age and the environments in which they are stored.

Bunding for Liquid Drums

Stratex Drum and IBC Bunding
Hard cover and IBC bunding provides safe liquid storage outdoors.

A 44 gallon drum is 205 litres; no small amount by any means. Some form of bunding is essential for the safe storage and transport of liquid storage drums. Bunded spill pallets can provide low profile leak and spill proof storage, preventing costly and environmentally damaging spills. These pallets are forklift compatible and available in durable polyethylene and steel.

What is an IBC Bund?

IBC stands for Intermediate Bulk Container, used to store liquids, semi-solids and solids. The average IBC capacity is 1000 litres, potentially resulting in huge damage if a leak were to occur. Storing an IBC on a bunded pallet is good practice to reduce the risk of spills. When choosing an IBC bund, it’s important to consider how much fluid will be stored. Bunded storage should hold at least 110% of the maximum capacity of your largest tank or drum.

For IBC bunds kept outdoors, storage covers are available. These can be fitted over IBCs for protection from the elements, and are available to suit a variety of storage sizes. For bunds stored outdoors, we recommend fitting drain bungs to allow the escape of rainwater.

What is a Bund Wall?

Some fluid storage areas feature permanent bund walls constructed around them. These are usually made from concrete and are designed to contain large amounts of liquid from an emergency leak or spill. Drive over (or floor bunding) can also be used as a bund wall to contain smaller volumes of liquid.

Stratex offers a range of bunding and storage options, for more information contact us on 1300 991 180 or email [email protected].

  • EnviroPad Spill Mat – M10 (Medium) 90 x 69cm

    The EnviroPad is a revolutionary spill pad that captures and solidifies hydrocarbon spills including oils, fuels and hydraulic fluids. By using smart polymer technology, the EnviroPad turns these liquids into solid rubber, preventing any contaminants from leaking or leaching into the environment – even under pressure.

    The EnviroPad is not affected by heavy rain or water, reducing contaminated waste disposal costs. It is safe to use outdoors in all weather conditions, and can be carried or stored upright after use. Its non-leaching characteristics mean that the EnviroPad can be safely disposed of landfill (subject to local and state regulations).

    • Unique smart polymer spill pad
    • Solidifies oil and fuel so it can’t leak out
    • No pools of oily rainwater
    • No risk of overflowing
    • Doesn’t need sidewalls or a liner
    • Can be safely used outdoors and jet washed
    • Just as effective with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO)
    • Instructions printed on the top
    • Absorbs up to 10.5L of oil


  • Single IBC Bunded Spill Pallet, 1100L Sump (1600W x 1600L x 700H mm)

    The Stratex Single IBC Bunded Spill Pallet provides a safe and efficient storage solution for hazardous liquids. A low 700mm working height helps to reduce risks during loading and unloading. It also features handy fork pockets for manoeuvrability. Stratex bunded spill pallets are constructed from high quality, durable and lightweight polyethylene. This bund offers superior chemical resistance and has a safe working load rating of 1350kg.

    • This bund features a low height for ease of use (700mm) 
    • Stackable, space saving, innovative, protected design guarantees ultra-low delivery costs for multiple bunding units 
    • Generous working area (2.5m2) for one IBC or multiple small containers 
    • Fork pockets for easy movement (Remove IBC and empty spill pallet before moving) 
    • Optional clip-on dispensing units direct any spills while decanting into the sump, meaning liquids can be retrieved and reused saving time and money. 
    • All-weather covers for outdoor storage and sump plugs for drainage and spilled liquid recovery available. 
    • Dimensions: 700H x 1600W x 1600L mm. 1100L Sump.
  • Double IBC Bunded Spill Pallet – 1250L Sump
    Double Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) bunded spill pallets can safely contain liquid spills. These high strength bunds have a 1250L sump capacity and can be forklifted for portability. If you store IBCs, these are an ideal containment solution to support environmental protection compliance.
    • Stackable for reduced freight costs on multiple items
    • Manufactured in Australia ensuring a tough, heavy duty product
    • 100% Virgin Polyethylene for chemical and corrosion resistance
    • 1250L sump capacity meets and exceeds EPA requirements
    • 3000Kg load rating makes this one of the strongest bunds on the market
    • Provision for additional internal supports provides increased strength and load rating
    • All-weather covers for outdoor storage and sump plugs for drainage and spilled liquid recovery available
    • Optional Clip-on dispensing units direct any spills while decanting into the sump, meaning liquids can be retrieved and reused saving time and money.
    • Dimensions: 600H x 2322W x 1356L mm
    • Weight 110kg
  • 2 Drum Bunded Spill Pallet, 220L Sump – 700W x 1350L x 450Hmm

    The 2 Drum 205L Bunded Spill Pallet is designed to fit two x 205L drums. The one piece moulded units have removable grates for easy cleaning. The bund features a large 250 litre sump capacity, ensuring compliance with environmental compliance regulations. It also features easy forklift access points for easy portability.

  • 4 Drum Bunded Spill Pallet, 240L Sump

    Drum bunded spill pallets are designed to fit four 205 litre drums for safe and practical storage of hazardous liquids, oils, chemicals, batteries and more.


    • 240 litre sump capacity complies with Australian regulations
    • Forklift spaces compatible with most fork lifts and pallet trucks for easy manoeuvring.
    • Lightweight, tough and durable polyethylene construction
    • Superior chemical resistance
    • Low bund working height provides ease of access
    • Dimensions: 1300 x 1300 x 300mm
    • 1250kg safe working load
  • Single IBC Hard Cover Unit (2265H x 1775W x 1770Dmm) – 1260L Sump

    Hard Cover Units provide outdoor weather resistant storage for IBC tanks. Features double swing doors with three-point locking mechanism, integrated 2 litre platform spill tray and ample head space  for IBC mixers, funnels and pumps.. Available to be moved with a  forklift, this 100% polyethylene design will not rust or corrode, providing years of service under rigorous conditions. 

    • Size: 2265H x 1775W x 1770Dmm
    • Sump Capacity: 1260L
    • Integrated venting panels
    • Roof designed for quick rainwater run-off to the rear
    • Flat pack shipping
  • Megabund Floor Bunding, Per Metre (w/ Dynabolts) 25mmH x 150mmW

    MegaBund Floor Bunding is a premium polyurethane extruded floor bunding for the containment of hazardous liquids. With excellent chemical resistance, MegaBund is a versatile chemical storage solution which can be used in a range of different applications. Flexible and low profile, the highly visibly yellow floor bunding is designed to reduce trip hazards and improve workplace safety, while being easily traversible by vehicles and forklifts. Stay compliant with Australian Standards such as AS/NZS 3833:2007 and avoid EPA fines. The floor bunding is easy to cut into lengths to create a custom sized storage area, reducing cost and wastage. MegaBund is easy and stress free to install; it is manufactured with pre-moulded points for dynabolts and minimum tools are required. Each length of Megabund includes 10 Dynabolts. When purchasing tubes of Fulaprene Adhesive, we recommend approximately 1 tube of adhesive to 3 lengths of Megabund. Watch the video for a step-by-step guide.

    Size: 25mmH x 150mmW x 1mL

  • Spill Tray 30L – 800W x 400L x 155H (mm)

    Stratex Drum Spill Trays are designed for the safe storage of hazardous liquids in containers from 2L to 90L. Keep your workplace clean, tidy and complying with environmental standards with a spill tray, designed for drums, cans and containers, oily parts and tools. 

    Made of highly durable, chemical and UV resistant polyethylene, spill trays won’t corrode from harsh liquids and can be stored outside. Spill trays are easy to clean and completely reusable; just remove the grate to recover the liquid and clean with absorbent wipes. 

    Save room in storage areas with this space efficient storage solution, which can be placed on shelves, minimizing risks of slips, trips and falls. No longer waste money on replacing expensive liquid leaks, the generous sump capacity means that you can capture any spilled liquid and reuse.

    Spill Trays of any size are perfect for use in areas such as: Pools, Laboratories, Workshops, Garden Sheds

    • Size: 800W x 400L x 155H (mm)
    • Sump Capacity: 30L

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