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Developing a Customised Bunding Solution

Hazardous liquid bunding solutions can be a complex and time-consuming process, requiring a variety of methods to ensure they are both effective and compliant with regulations. Stratex recently assisted one of our clients in the metal recycling industry with this challenge.

PVC bunding inside a metal recycling facility

The Challenge

Bunding is a form of secondary containment that sits around or below a liquid container. It captures any spilled liquid to prevent it from escaping and causing harm to people, property, or the environment. When Stratex was approached to design and construct a bunding system for our client’s hazardous chemicals in New South Wales, we first worked closely with the client to understand their specific requirements. We then conducted a site assessment and developed a customised bunding solution with an adequate volume to meet Australian standards.

The Solution

The bunding system we implemented is made up of custom-sized collapsible and rigid PVC and polyethylene bunding that is suitable for the variety of IBC and cascade tank liquid storage used by our client. The benefit of using PVC and polyethylene as the bunding material is that they are highly durable and resistant to chemicals. These types of bunding also offer the added benefit of being portable, allowing for relocation if needed.

The Outcome

Our client now has a safe and effective bunding system in place, which minimises the risk of hazardous spills. This helps them comply with government legislation and ensures the health and safety of their workers, facility, and the environment. If you are interested in bunding or other spill containment solutions offered by Stratex, please contact your local representative for more information.

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