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Dealing with Concrete Washout Waste

Cleaning concrete pumps and trucks after each job is crucial. Improper cleaning protocols can result in equipment damage, as well as environmental damage. Concrete is made up of gravel, sand, cement and water and its waste residue has the potential to clog drains and cause flooding if not effectively managed. Construction sites will often provide dedicated concrete washout areas to facilitate the safe cleaning of concrete trucks and equipment. Stratex offers two unique solutions for dealing with concrete washout waste: the Washout Warden and Concrete Washout Bags.

Washout Warden – To Capture Solid Waste

This filter bag offers a quick and convenient solution for the onsite cleaning of concrete mixers. Simply attach the Washout Warden to the concrete mixer chute. Gravel, sand and cement residue will be captured as concrete washout filters through the bag.

Ideal for:

  • Civil, road and commercial construction applications, particularly by concrete contractors
  • Instances where washout waste residue must be captured and removed before leaving the site

The Washout Warden and its contents can be disposed of onsite or transported once the water has fully drained. Please note that while the filter bag will reduce contamination, concrete waste water is alkaline and should be kept away from environmentally-sensitive areas.



Concrete Washout Bag – To Capture All Waste

This solution offers a quick and easy way of containing all washout waste from concrete mixers and pump trucks. Simply place the bag under the chute or hopper and clean as required. Concrete slurry will be contained in the plastic/polyethylene inner liner in the bag. Once the concrete has set, the bag can be transported safely via built-in loops. Stratex Concrete Washout Bags are fully tested and compliant with Australian Standard AS3668-1989.

Ideal for:

  • Civil construction projects requiring all concrete washout waste to be captured and retained
  • Usage with pump truck hoppers

Once set the washout bag and contents can be disposed of in general construction waste, or collected by a concrete recycling company. These bags are ideal for use in civil, road and commercial construction projects.

Stratex offers a wide range of sediment control solutions. If you’d like more information about your particular application, contact us on 1300 991 180 or email [email protected].

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