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Why are Coir Logs so Popular?

Australia’s fondness for coir logs is showing no signs of slowing as demand outstrips supply. Is there a reason behind their popularity, or are we all going coco-nutty? At Stratex we’ve been supplying coir logs for over a decade, and here’s our take on what’s happening in the market.

What is a coir log?

First things first, if you don’t know what a coir log is, it’s a long cylinder which is made up of densely-packed coir fibre. These fibres come from the outer husk of coconuts, and you’ll often find them in floor mats, brushes and mattresses. Coir logs are also bound together with coir mesh. A unique characteristic of all this dense coir fibre is that water can seep through, leaving behind sand, dirt and sediment. This makes coir logs ideal for preventing erosion on sand banks, building sites and earthworks.

Coir logs have become mainstream

One of the biggest factors for coir log popularity is increased awareness through mainstream media. They’re appearing on tv gardening shows, in magazines, social media and online videos – coir logs are now available in many home and hardware retailers. At Stratex we’ve noticed this shift, as we supply more coir logs to domestic users in addition to our regular construction clients. All this demand is great, but it’s being impacted by one thing…

Supply chain

India is one of the biggest global producers of coir-based products. A variety of contributing factors are causing supply chain delays for Australian suppliers of imported products. These delays couldn’t have come at a worse time for erosion control products because of…

Tightening regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are cracking down on erosion control and issuing fines as part of their Get the Site Right campaign. The EPA have been targeting builders, renovators and construction workers. With increased pressure on worksites to have effective sediment traps, coir logs are an effective sediment control technique. They also have the added benefit of being 100% natural, which brings us to our next point…


Are coir logs eco-friendly?

Yes. Coir logs are made from coconut husks, which are a natural waste by-product of the coconut industry. There is an increasing trend toward environmentally sustainable solutions, and coir logs also provide a secondary hidden benefit. As the coir fibres break down, they provide an additional structure for plants and vegetation to grow. This is particularly beneficial for areas susceptible to erosion from wind and water.

What’s the best coir log size?

We’ve experimented with various coir log sizes over the years, and we’ve chosen 200mm diameter by 2.4 metre length logs for a couple of key reasons:

  1. Shipping – Stratex coir logs are optimally sized for economical shipping, both individually and in bulk quantities
  2. Weight – Our coir logs weigh under 12kg, a safe weight for handling by an individual.

Timber stakes can be inserted easily through pre-drilled holes in our coir logs. Securing stakes through the middle of the coir log provides greater stability compared with alternate methods.

Stratex offers a wide range of sediment and erosion control products ready for immediate dispatch. For more information about coir logs or how we can help you, contact us on 1300 991 180 or email [email protected].

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