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If in Doubt, Lay Yellow Out

In nature, the colour yellow can signify a poisonous animal. We often use yellow for maximum visibility in modern life – from warning signs to school buses and safety vests. In spill control, yellow chemical absorbents help to illustrate chemical spill hazards. In this article we’re covering chemical spills, and which spill kit to use if you’re in doubt about the liquid type.

Dealing with Chemical Spills

Stratex Chemical Spill Kits

A chemical spill kit with yellow absorbents

If your workplace handles or stores different liquid types, you might already be using more than one type of spill kit. Always keep a chemical spill kit on hand if liquids are hazardous in nature (e.g. acids, caustics, oils, coolants and solvents). Chemical absorbents are yellow in colour and fast acting, with high absorbency rates. Stratex chemical spill kits and absorbents are ideal for use in laboratories, hospitals and in chemical storage areas.

The method for cleaning chemical spills is similar to normal spills, with some additional precautions:

  1. Use adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Stratex premium chemical spill kits include chemical resistant gloves, safety goggles, disposable coveralls.
  2. Contain the spill with absorbent socks or booms to contain the liquid.
  3. Clean up with spill with absorbent pads, cushions or granular absorbent.
  4. Place used absorbents in supplied hazardous waste disposal bags.
  5. Dispose of in accordance with local regulations.

Unsure of the Liquid Spill Type?

If you’re in doubt about what has been spilled or for unknown liquids, use a chemical spill kit or absorbent. The main reason for this is for safety – chemical absorbent products are designed to absorb virtually any fluid quickly, including those which are aggressive. Additionally, the combination of red bins and yellow absorbents assist in providing maximum visibility in low light conditions.

Why are Chemical Spill Kit Bins Red?

Red and yellow are the most commonly used colours to provide warning or define hazards in Australian industry. Following this industry standard, we pack our yellow Chemical absorbents into designated red bins to help provide easy visual identification and location in an emergency. Our range of spill kit bins and absorbent colours are detailed below:

  • General Purpose: Blue Bin / Grey Absorbents
  • Oil & Fuel: Yellow Bin / White Absorbents
  • Chemical: Red Bin / Yellow Absorbents

So if in doubt, lay yellow out. Stratex offers a wide range of chemical absorbent pads, rolls, socks and cushions. For more information about your particular application contact us on 1300 991 180 or email [email protected].

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