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Bunding for Environmental Compliance

An IBC without bunding near water

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is out in force inspecting workplaces, and we want to help you be guideline compliant when they come. Now that the EPA has increased powers to target, fine and criminally prosecute non-compliant businesses, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your chemicals, fuels and dangerous goods are bunded to contain a potential spill.

For new environmental protection laws prevention is key, and one of the biggest environmental risks facing many businesses is a bulk liquid container without bunding. At Stratex we see it time and time again, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) resting on the ground, in close proximity to drains and waterways.

Why is Bunding Important?

Most liquid containers can store hazardous goods such as petrol, oil and chemicals safely. Over time their structural integrity can become compromised from UV exposure, accidental damage, wear and tear. You could be held accountable if your liquid storage fails and you don’t have bunding. And of course, no business wants the reputational damage of causing an environmental disaster. Stratex offers a wide range of bunding solutions, and today we’re going to focus on the most common types to help keep you informed of guidelines and reduce risk in your business. Compliant bunding should hold at least 110% capacity of your largest drum or tank being stored (recommended capacity can vary based on the type of liquid or the amount stored).

Do I need Bunding for Liquid Drums?

Drums are one of the most common types of liquid storage for fuel, oil and chemicals. If your drums are on the ground or up on pallet racking they could get knocked over, leak or spill. Most drum spill bunds are made from steel or polyethylene, a material chosen for its tough, durable and chemical-resistant properties. Drum bunds aren’t just for drums either – batteries and other corrosive items can also be stored, offering safe working loads of up to 1250kg.

What is an IBC Bund?

IBCs offer economical bulk liquid storage and are becoming increasingly popular for businesses. We often see them on the back of utes and trucks, in marine environments, warehouses and outdoor storage facilities. Consider that an average IBC stores 1,000 litres of liquid – if a spill were to occur, these could cause a huge amount of damage. Most IBC bunds are made of polyethylene, and are forklift compatible.

What is Floor Bunding used for?

Does your organisation store transfer, decant or dispense liquids? If the answer is yes, we recommend floor bunding in areas where there is a greater likelihood of accidental spills. Many warehouses use floor bunding around racking, doorways and liquid storage areas, providing the ability to bund a much larger area. For warehouse facilities with forklift traffic, aluminium or polyurethane floor bunding can be used.

Adequate bunding for the liquids stored in your workplace could be the difference between your peace of mind and a costly clean up. Stratex offers a range of bunding and storage options, for more information contact us on 1300 991 180 or email [email protected].

  • Single IBC Bunded Spill Pallet, 1100L Sump (1600W x 1600L x 700H mm)

    The Stratex Single IBC Bunded Spill Pallet provides a safe and efficient storage solution for hazardous liquids. A low 700mm working height helps to reduce risks during loading and unloading. It also features handy fork pockets for manoeuvrability. Stratex bunded spill pallets are constructed from high quality, durable and lightweight polyethylene. This bund offers superior chemical resistance and has a safe working load rating of 1350kg.

    • This bund features a low height for ease of use (700mm)
    • Stackable, space saving, innovative, protected design guarantees ultra-low delivery costs for multiple bunding units
    • Generous working area (2.5m2) for one IBC or multiple small containers
    • Fork pockets for easy movement (Remove IBC and empty spill pallet before moving)
    • Optional clip-on dispensing units direct any spills while decanting into the sump, meaning liquids can be retrieved and reused saving time and money.
    • All-weather covers for outdoor storage and sump plugs for drainage and spilled liquid recovery available.
    • Dimensions: 700H x 1600W x 1600L mm. 1100L Sump.
  • 4 Drum Bunded Spill Pallet, 240L Sump

    Drum bunded spill pallets are designed to fit four 205 litre drums for safe and practical storage of hazardous liquids, oils, chemicals, batteries and more.


    • 240 litre sump capacity complies with Australian regulations
    • Forklift spaces compatible with most fork lifts and pallet trucks for easy manoeuvring.
    • Lightweight, tough and durable polyethylene construction
    • Superior chemical resistance
    • Low bund working height provides ease of access
    • Dimensions: 1300 x 1300 x 300mm
    • 1250kg safe working load
  • Megabund Floor Bunding, Per Metre (w/ Dynabolts) 25mmH x 150mmW

    MegaBund Floor Bunding is a premium polyurethane extruded floor bunding for the containment of hazardous liquids. With excellent chemical resistance, MegaBund is a versatile chemical storage solution which can be used in a range of different applications. Flexible and low profile, the highly visibly yellow floor bunding is designed to reduce trip hazards and improve workplace safety, while being easily traversible by vehicles and forklifts.

    Stay compliant with Australian Standards such as AS/NZS 3833:2007 and avoid EPA fines. The floor bunding is easy to cut into lengths to create a custom sized storage area, reducing cost and wastage.

    MegaBund is easy and stress free to install; it is manufactured with pre-moulded points for dynabolts and minimum tools are required. 6 Dynabolts are included in the purchase of each floor bunding length. When purchasing tubes of Fulaprene Adhesive, we recommend approximately 1 tube of adhesive to 3 lengths of Megabund. Watch the video for a step-by-step guide.

    Size: 25mmH x 150mmW x 1mL

  • Rubber Floor Bunding, Per Metre (w/ Dynabolts) 40H x 115W mm

    Heavy-duty Rubber Floor Bunding is ideal for a bunding and spill containment solution for areas subject to human and vehicle traffic. Perfect for bunding around pallet racking, wash bays, fuel dispensing areas and oil storage facilities.

    The bunding contains or redirects hazardous spills without the need for major construction or assembly. Made from non-porous, rubber with excellent chemical resistance and includes DynaBolts for installation.

    Size: 40mm high x 115mm wide

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