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Avoiding the Hidden Costs of Concrete

Did you know that concrete is the most cost-effective and widely used construction material in the world? Approximately 29 million cubic metres of premixed concrete is made and used in Australia each year – enough to fill up 11,600 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

At Stratex we’ve been supplying the concrete and construction industry for many years, and lately we’ve been hearing increased chatter about increased and flat fee charges for any unused concrete returned to the depot. Whilst these disposal charges are nothing new, some contractors are now charging flat fees of nearly $1000 to dispose of any quantity of unused concrete!

Stratex Concrete Washout Bag Filled

How to avoid excessive fees?

Rather than risk underpouring, one of the best ways to prevent being stung by similar charges is to use a concrete washout bag to capture concrete waste. These bags attach to the end of concrete mixer chutes and pump truck hoppers. Concrete waste is then contained in the plastic lined bag. Once dried, the bag can be lifted via forklift and its contents recycled or used for secondary purposes.

Stratex concrete washout bags are fully tested and compliant with Australian Standard AS3668-1989, available in the following safe working loads / capacities:
• 2470kg (0.70m³ capacity)
• 3000kg (0.99m³ capacity)

In summary, the cost of a concrete washout bag is nominal compared with many depot fees. Also, if you’re interested in a pallet quantity of concrete washout bags, be sure to ask about our bonus beer carton offer!

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