Our Story

As an Australian owned business we believe that no workplace should ever be harmful to its employees or the environment.  We want to be able to enjoy what the great outdoors has to offer with those we care the most about. Our purpose is to help protect workers so that families in Australia have the opportunity to experience the great quality of life that our country has to offer.

Our Team Values

People with positive energy.

A passion to go where others won’t.

An abundance of integrity to deliver what is promised.

We act with urgency.

Our Passion

We care about protecting our environment from contaminants

We care about safe workplaces that keep our workers free from harm.

We care about spending time with those we love to enjoy our planet just as nature intended.

Our Promise

Rapid Response to all your enquiries.

Quick quoting.

Easier on line.

Stratex guarantee – return for any reason or no reason.

Stratex: Protecting our greatest assets